Wheelchair Stowage Systems

A rooftop box fitted to your vehicle is the perfect stowage solution if you want to be independent when travelling with your wheelchair. You can transfer directly to your car from your wheelchair and stow your chair yourself.

Once you’re in the car, just fold your wheelchair, clip it to the hoist, press a button and up it goes. Your chair is then safe and secure in the rooftop box. This means that you not only save space in the interior of your car, but your car is not going to have any dirt inside from the wheels of your chair.

The rooftop box is lightweight and weatherproof and can be fitted to most vehicles. When you decide to change your car, the rooftop box can be easily removed and transferred.

We’re accredited to supply and fit the following

Braun Chair Topper

We’ll be happy to advise you further, so please contact us either by phone of by completing the Enquiry Form. As you can see, we have a rooftop box fitted to our demonstrator vehicle and can let you see this in action with your chair.

Rooftop box

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