Wireless Secondary Controls

If you have a disability which makes it difficult for you to reach standard controls on your vehcile, a wireless secondary control system can give you fingertip control allowing you to drive safely, both in the day time and in the dark.  If you have can only drive with one hand, the wireless secondary control system will allow you to do so safely.  The controls can be fitted to the right or left of the steering wheel. 

We supply and fit wireless secondary control systems with a variety of functions, from 5 to 18 – the choice is yours and will depend on your specific needs. We are accredited to supply systems manufactured by:

  • Elap
  • Lodgesons
  • Techmobility
Lodgesons 13 way infrared system.

If you’d like more information, phone 01324 562240 or complete the Enquiry Form.

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